NASCAR goes Europe: 7 countries, 26 races – Are you ready?
When you think of NASCAR racing, it’s all US-American: The smell of oil and fuel, a thrilling competition in equal conditions.

The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series capture a European audience with these emotions and thrills: In 7 countries and race weekends, throughout 26 races. The challenge though, are the European tracks. They are a mix of various tracks famous from other motorsport events and even include a classic NASCAR oval. Competing in Europe demands a whole different set of abilities from driver and machine alike.


The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series started out as race car series organized by French Team FJ in 2009. Back then, it was named Racecar Series and the tracks were mainly located in France. Towards the end of 2010, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) announced the Racecar Euro-Series as officially recognized international race series. As a result, the number of venues in Europe increased in 2011.


Just another year later, the founders of the Racecar Euro-Series entered an agreement with NASCAR. The Euro Series adopted the NASCAR rules and became an official NASCAR sanctioned series. The renaming to NASCAR Whelen Euro Series followed in 2013.


Euro NASCAR brings the characteristic spirt and the exciting competition typical of NASCAR to the Old Continent, mixing it with a unique European flavor.